Pocket Change Affiliate Program

Get Rewarded by Introducing Pocket Change to Your Friends/Customers!

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What's Pocket Change Affiliate?

Lots of surplus JPY bills and coins are headache after the travel.
Pocket Change resolves the trouble by exchanging them into various digital currency!
Make your friends and customers happy by introducing Pocket Change coupon and get rewarded!

Register nothing
but an e-mail address.

This program requires only an e-mail address of you. No need for registering your name, address nor any other privacy information. Even a bank account isn't required if you choose Amazon gift certificate or WeChat Pay as a payment method.

Benefit customers/friends
with better exchange rate!

Promotion code you distribute offers a better deal to the customers. Make your friends/customers happy!

More introduction,
more earnings!

Affiliate revenues you earn depends on the volume of the exchanges by the customers you introduce. Introduce more people, and earn more!

4 Steps to Get Rewarded
  1. Register and get your own promotion code.
  2. Distribute the promotion code to your friends/customers.
  3. Your friends/customers enter your promotion code on Pocket Change usage. As shown on the image to the right.
  4. Apply for payment with your preferable method, Amazon Gift Certificate, WeChat Pay, or bank wire.
Who should Join the Program?
Host of Guest House / Travel Guide
  • Each foreign traveler leaves Japan with useless surplus JPY equivalent to $180 on average.
  • Print usage guide including your promotion code, and hand it over to your customers of guest house or guide.
  • Pocket Change covers all major international airports in Japan, so the customers exchange surplus JPY just before the departure.
  • Pocket Change covers various popular digital currencies in the world, such as WeChat Pay, Viber, e.t.c..
  • Delight your customers by rescuing useless surplus foreign currencies.
Travel Blogger
  • Each foreign traveler returns to their home with surplus foreign currencies equivalent to $180 per one travel on average.
  • Share your own promotion page via social media, message, and blog.
  • Pocket Change kiosks are installed not only in the airports but also downtown Tokyo, Osaka. No need to go far to the airports.
  • Your promotion code offers better rate of exchange. The more you distribute your code, the more earnings you get. It's win-win deal!